Friday, 22 January 2016

2016 spark

Batch 2016 (Abdullah Dar S/o Mr.Khalid Saleem from top second row in nehru jacket)

स्वाभिमान...के मेरे रंगमंच,
(... The theater of my self,)

"यंग्स थिएटर" 
("Young's theater")

के सृजनात्मक सफ़र 2016 में,
(The creative journey in 2016,)

आत्मविश्वास और हौसलों से लबरेज़ 
(Overflowed with confidence and courage)

New Students 

का इस्तक़बाल है....
(Received exiled)

आओ मिलकर इंकेलाब ऐ ता'जा पैदा करें..
(Come together to create a fresh revolution)

-सरफ़राज़ हसन
(Sarfaraz Hassan)

2016 spark

So finally we are done with 2k16 auditions...n we've spotted out some tremendous talent from people who are just like you,
Who walk like u
Even who talk like u...
But there is a negligible difference between them and you mango people...

But what was that?
I think it's there passion!
Or time for there ownselves
For their dreams.
Isn't it?

Yes it is!!....

               (During rehearsal of play Meera written by Actor/Writer Rahul Tiwari and directed by                          Sarfaraz sir )
               Sarfaraz sir is student of Habib Tanvir uncle who is Playwright, dramatist, poet, actor
                  (One couplet- Life run very fast after childhood let these steps run in ground)

(Abdullah dar with Director Sarfaraz Hassan Sir)

(At right side of young theater artist Abdullah Dar is with Rahul Tiwari Writer/Actor of play Meera currently teaching in Peoples Engineering College and doing acting in T.V. serials like Satyamev jayate,Crime petrol, Dia aur Baati....  )

(Image taken during composing song of play Meera)

MEERA- AN ACT OF IMMENSE LOVE. In this selfish world take out some time for you and live in a whole new world full of life with MEERA. Come and feel the purest form of love which has ever existed in the universe and shall ever be. A new experience, a new meaning of LOVE!!! 
Abdullah Dar photos taken before watching different plays in different theater's and before watching 
different Mushaira 

Abdullah at Regional      Abdullah at Shaheed Bhawan            Abdullah at Regional  
science center, Bhopal                                                               science center, Bhopal  

Abdullah Dar at                Play Patang            Mushaira at NITTR in the memory of Ismat    
Shaeed Bhawan before                                            Chughtai was an eminent Indian writer
watching play Fizr-E-Mir                                            in Urdu, known for her indomitable spirit
                                                                                    and a fierce feminist ideology.

Abdullah dar with M. khalid Abidi uncle
his new book inauguration Neki ke do
katre at Iqbal library date-05/06/2016
At left Janab Ifak ahamad Khusrow
doing reseach work on Amir Khusrow

Some Photographs of Abdullah Dar with his students

Abdullah Dar with little angles
                                           Punjabi & Rajasthani Group                                          

                                                               Abdullah Dar full of confidence

Mr Abdullah Dar s/o Mr Khalid Saleem Dar
Co- Author of Book Khalid Saleem Dar-Biography